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WooCommerce Product Zoom Useful Tips

Here is something that doesn’t need its own topic but must also be mentioned to better understanding this plugin.


It’s understood that no developer can consider all the things to be fully customizible. Our plugin is not an exception. You always can go to the code (you will see it is such documented and beatiful!) and change something you didn’t find on the Settings page of your Admin Panel. For ex., you may want to change the color of a Zoom Lens, you just need to change the lines in the PHP file that generates CSS files.


It is very important to use WooCommerce compatible theme. You can become a very unfortunate person when you recognized that your theme uses non-standard HTML or CSS rules. But your feedback at the moment helps us to improve a compability with any theme!


This article is continiously filling now and another useful information can be found here in the future. Also, please leave your comment to help us improve the plugin.

Oh my God! Zoooom!

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