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Live Documentation – WooCommerce ACH Stripe Gateway

1 About

Since Stripe has accepted ACH payments and WooCommerce has no such functionality we’ve made this plugin for you to easy accept payments from bank accounts via ACH Stripe.

2 Installation

After you have purchased the plugin, you will receive plugin file in .zip package.

1) To install the plugin, go to Admin Panel > Plugins.

2) Click the “Add New” button > then “Upload Plugin” button.

3) Select .zip package & click “Install Now”. After that activate the plugin and start to use it.

Remember that you should have the WooCommerce plugin working on your site!

3 Getting Started

After you have installed and activated the plugin you should go to WooCommerce>>Settings>>Checkout>>ACH Stripe.

Let’s introduce all the settings.

WooCommerce ACH Stripe Gateway

  • Enable/Disable – enable or disable the ACH Stripe gateway
  • Title – title of a payment method to be displayed on a checkout page
  • Description – description of a payment method to be displayed on a checkout page
  • Company Name – your company name. It will be displayed at the bottom of a payment form in accordance with ACH Authorization
  • Test Mode – enable test mode where you can test payments from some test bank account
  • Test Secret Key, Test Publishable Key – necessary in a test mode. You can get it from your Stripe dashboard
  • Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key – necessary to receive real payments. You can get it from your Stripe dashboard
  • Logging – enable/disable logging to a log file in WooCommerce>>System Status>>Logs

4 Conclusion

We highly recommend you to read ACH Authorization to avoid any disputes about charges or fees. We provide a checkbox for customers to authorize you to electronically debit their accounts.

Also, the plugin provides WooCommerce auto-refunds via Stripe.

Good luck with your sales! Enjoy it!



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