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What is Purchase Order, or PO?

A Purchase Order is a commercial document formed by the buyer by definition of the seller and goods prices. This is the reason for getting products and ensuing payment. PO can be the contract between the buyer and the seller if there is no another one.

It is regularly used by the large companies because it helps business to have the fully transparent view for all the purchases and to better planning future purchases due to the electronic workflow.

The standard purchase order looks simple, like the following

Purchase Order System for WooCommerce

One of the main advantages is that you can use it electronically on every e-shop. For example, WooCommerce system is used over the millions of e-shops over the world. And the best way to make it work with Purchase Order is to install Purchase Order Gateway for WooCommerce.

This is the fully customizable plugin for WooCommerce that gives you the freedom in settings and a full control on the processing orders.

All the text of the plugin can be changed whatever you want. It contributes to the better interaction with customers.

The simple and convenient interface increases purchases of your shop. Customers need only 3 clicks to make a purchase, no more complexity!

Not only the text is customizable, as we said before, you can control each step of the order processing.

Due to WordPress roles conception, you can set customer groups able to purchase by the Purchase Order. It is very useful for corporative clients.

The fact that the order processing is out of the borders of the WooCommerce system forces us to introduce our own processing. We can’t change the order status like for small payments but you can set your own conditions of completing the order based on your own business conception. The Payment term and Autocomplete orders options will help.

Advanced Purchase Order Gateway for WooCommerce is made by the company has the great experience working with WordPress websites and WooCommerce plugins. The fast support helps customers to set up plugins on their websites. You can always try it before purchasing.

Summarizing the main features are:

  • PO Number and PO File are Added to Order details
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Custom Notifications
  • Limit by Role
  • Payment term
  • Autocomplete orders
  • Free installation and configuration

Good luck with your business!

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Live Documentation – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Assistant

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It was so many times… A customer was putting items into a cart… And he was going out… without placing an order…

Are you agree? You even don’t know how many customers abandoned their not empty carts and left your website for unknown reasons. Of course, we can’t permeate in a customer mind.

But with Abandoned Cart Assistant plugin, you will have a detailed statistics of what product was the first for a customer, where he has gone after and what product or page was the last in his route on your website.

You will see abandoned and completed carts and it will help you to decide if your business is as good as it should be.

You also will be able to send emails to all the owners of abandoned carts and ask them what was wrong with their shopping. To provide a collecting of emails the topbar getting the email address was designed. Continue reading Live Documentation – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Assistant